Syllabus for UBMS Renewable Energy Summer 2011

Physics movies
Worksheet on Vectors
Worksheet on 1D motion
Worksheet on 2D motion

Additional problems for motion
2D motion lab

More motion problems

Forces [1 2 3]
In-lab Vector Spreadsheet Assignment
Technical Notes: How to make a screencapture and put the image into Abiword
Lab: Force Tables : Spreadsheet

Worksheets related to Energy

Uniform circular motion [1:2:3]

Simple harmonic motion[1:2]

Archimedes Principle
Thermodynamics [1:2:3:4]
Bernoulli's Equation

Archimedes Principle lab and spreadsheet

Type T thermocouple calibration from NIST

ZigZag Solar Heater
Department of Energy : Solar water heaters
Breakdown of household energy consumption
Energy kids from EIA
More solar info from question: what in the diagrams makes the system more expensive?
How much is the US spending on energy each year? [1:2]
Oh yes, how much is 1233058 million? (2007 data ... energy is more expensive since then)