Lyon College Physics Simulations
These simulations are (c) copyright 2004,2005,2006 by Stuart Hutton
If you like them, feel free to let me know.

Completely Elastic Collisions between Successively Smaller Masses

Simple Harmonic Oscillations of a short Chain
2 masses interacting under the gravitational field 01
Atwood's machine 01
Monkey Shoot 01
Constant Acceleration (spooky version)
Ball and cart in a (reduced) gravitational field
Relative motion: (1) fixed observer (2) co-moving observer1  (3) Co-mover2 (4) fixed observer
Conic Sections: Construction of a cone: Circle : Ellipse : Hyperbolic : Parabolic
45 degrees produces the maximum range
Projection of a vector onto coordinate axes
1-d motion in a reduced gravitational field 02
2-d translational motion along perpendicular coordinates
Galileo's demonstration: Spooky versions (01,02)
Newton's Cannon
Antarctic Rescue Drop
Station Train Vendor Ant
At the Intergalactic Dairy Bar
Inclined Plane 01
Inclined Plane 02

Completely Inelastic Collisions: (01,02,03)

Completely Elastic Collisions (01,02,03)

3D vector projection

Bessel Function morph


Mixed State 1D Quantum Square Well Wave Functions: 2,3 : 2,4 : 3,5

Colliding Gaussians 01

Moving Spreading Gaussian Wave Packet

Non Uniform Circular Motion 01

An Almost Stable System

Right Hand Rule Number Two

Bicycle Wheel Precession

Bicycle Wheel Precession 03 (spooky version) VRML visualization

Physical Pendulum 03 (spooky version) : VRML

Free Boundary Condition 01

Fixed Boundary Condition 01

Free Boundary Condition 04

Pulse seen by co moving observer


Gaussian Surfaces 01


Got Gas?

Retroreflector with spheres 02

Everything Falls with the same acceleration

Right Handed Coordinates 01 VRML

Golden Triangle for trig VRML

VRML: Colored Cubes

Transverse Pulse on a Slinky : VRML

Longitudinal Pulse on a Slinky : VRML

Collision between two transverse pulses on a slinky : VRML

Collision between two longitudinal pulses on a slinky

Harmonic Traveling Wave on an Infinite String : VRML

Right Hand Rule #1 : VRML3 VRML 2

Right Hand Rule #2 for Torque : VRML

Direction of Torque: Positive : VRML   : Negative : VRML

SHO for a cylinder

SHO for a ring on a peg

SHO for a simple pendulum : VRML : Multiple (out of phase, 100% coherent) : VRML : Multiple (out of phase, partially coherent) : VRML

Spreading Gaussian Pulse on a Rope

Spooky Harmonic Traveling Waves on a String

Spooky Harmonic Traveling Waves on a String 02

Gas Molecules In A Cylinder 01

Gas Molecules In A Cylinder 02

Diatomic Molecules in a Cylinder and Denser : VRML

Lorentz Force VRML

Vector Rip = Rp - Ri VRML

Electrostatic Chime

Mary and Frank Collision [Frank's Frame [Gif : wmv ] : Mary's Frame [Gifwmv ] ]

Atwood's Machine Movie

Measurement of Static Friction Movie

Face Centered Cubic Crystal : Salt

Body-Centered Cubic Mixed Crystal

Improved retroreflector with spheres VRML

Ball and Chain 01

Conical Pendulum 01 : lots

Spreading Wavepacket with cars

Mixed State 1D Quantum Square Well Wave Functions: 2,3 : 2,4 : 3,5

Mixed 1D Quantum Simple Harmonic Oscillator [0,1]

Magnetic Moment [ 01 : 02 : 03]