Solar Panel Workshop
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Advance Announcement

UACCB Announcement

The University of Arkansas Community and Technical Education Division will host a Solar Panel Class on Saturday, November 10 and 17, 2012, from 10am - noon on the campus of UACCB. This grant supported training is offered free, but pre-registration is required to participate.

Dr. Stuart Hutton, solar panel enthusiast with a degree in physics, will teach participants the difference between panels for generating electricity and those for heating water, placement of solar panels, insulation of solar panels, construction and uses for solar panels to heat water, pay-back time frame for solar water heating panels, how to cut your utility bill for heating by using solar water heating panels, and how to start enjoying free solar energy collected from your back yard.

Each attendee will receive a solar panel for heating water. Class size is limited and registration is required by calling (870) 612-2080.


Introductory Thermodynamics for Solar Heating

Fundamental Answers to some questions

Thermal Solar installation basics
Relative Density of water as a function of temperature

Thermosiphon Pumping Speed Measurement video

How we did our thermal solar connections

Plumbing connections for pressurized systems
Using thermosiphon, be sure to remove air bubbles with the automatic air bubble remover!

Summary of Fundamental Energy Calculations

You can make your own thermal solar collector ... BUT ...

Some images of solar panel usage
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Some suggested applications
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